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Trading is the activity in which quoted products are bought and sold with great liquidity in the short, medium, or long term, seeking economic benefit when the operation generates a capital gain. The most common products in the trading world are currencies and stocks.

Trading is aimed at those who are interested in monetizing opportunities in one or more financial markets or for those who wish to increase the diversification of their portfolio.

Through trading you can make purchases and sales of listed financial instruments, such as shares, currencies, companies, indices, raw materials, etc.

Trading Types.

Different trading modalities are linked to the time in which operations are kept open.

  • Day Trading: the investor opens and closes operations within the same day of trading. It is a way of investing in the short term since operations are not usually left open to continue the next day.
  • Scalping: the investor operates in very short periods, throughout the day, with operations that can last seconds.
  • Swing Trading: operations can be left open at the end of the day and usually last approximately ten days.
  • Trend or directional trading: they do not have a time limit and consist of taking positions in the market in favor of the trend.

Main Financial Vehicles That Exist for Trading.

Forex trading is characterized by the fact of buying and selling different currencies in a regulated market. Being the foreign exchange market one of the largest in the world. The benefit is in the change in value between one currency and another. Profits are made by buying a coin and then selling it at a higher price, or by selling it and then buying it back at a lower price.
Stock Trading is a capital investment that represents partial ownership of a company. When shares are issued, the price is determined by the value of the company. Then its price will depend on supply and demand. Profits are obtained in three ways: purchase, sale and dividends. Anyone can buy shares on any stock exchange around the world.
Tangible goods and substances are assets known in the financial world as raw materials or commodities, which are listed on the stock exchange. They are often made up of things that are used or consumed every day, from food to gasoline to metals. They are products that are sold commercially and can be purchased.