Our Mission is to Achieve Sustainable Development

Renewable Energy

Our mission is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of a new energetic model, guided by sustainability criteria.

Currently, PLANET CLUSTER carries out prospecting in renewable energies, executing meteorological studies; evaluation of viable projects in numerous countries, and constantly evaluating ongoing projects. Our goal is to meet the challenge of achieving sustainable development in all our areas of activity, so that present and future generations enjoy a better life.

Our main focus is on wind energy, solar energy and mini-hydros, with wind energy being the pillar of all activities, in which we have completed more than 2,200 MW in Spain and Germany, with projects ranging from the basic analysis of wind resources, to the construction and operation of wind farms. 96% of global wind energy assets are privately held..

We are also present developing projects in other technologies for the production of electricity from renewable sources; such as biomass, mini-hydro and solar thermal energy.

At Planet Cluster we handle all stages of each project, from due diligence analysis, feasibility studies, development and construction participation, to the exploitation phase.

Main Principles

Renewable energies are the present and the future.

We create parks with wind turbines that use the force of the wind to transform it into mechanical energy, thanks to the movement obtained in the propellers.
Solar energy converts radiation into energy, contributing to sustainable development and being one of the most efficient technologies in the fight against climate change, providing a better outlook for future generations through its inexhaustible source.
The mini-hydro energy is obtained from the same kinetic energy of the water caused by gravity, which means that the natural or artificial unevenness will largely determine the power. It is a safe source of energy, since it does not generate toxic waste, which makes it a clean and environmentally friendly energy.